Are you gluten intolerant? You are wellcome

Ristorante Il Viaggio recommended by Italian Celiac Disease Association

You don't have to eat different meals: every dish of our menu can be prepared for celiac customers too!


The celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, protean present in oats ,wheat ,emmer ,barley kamut ,rye. To heal the celiac disease at the moment there’s need to exclude from diet some of the most ordinary food such as: pasta, bread, cookies and pizza, but also lift the scrubbiest trace of wheat from every dish. This concerns an huge commitment of dietary education. Indeed consuming gluten even small doses, can cause damages. The gluten free diet, managed whit accuracy, it’s the only therapy that guarantees an perfect health. (drawn out from the site

IL VIAGGIO restaurant is monitored and well informed from AIC (Italian gluten free association). All the staff is trained to the right process on preparing savoring dishes on the purpose to avoid any gluten contamination. Our cuisine avail ourselves with artisanal elaborated fresh gluten free food and attested by the Health Ministry. We are so perfectly able to arrange on reservation any event, from the banquet to birthday parties, compound gourmet and absolutely care.
From salty to sweet, our chef is at your disposal so you are not going to lose a bit of our high cuisine…
To guarantee an excellent service we appeal to you dear clients to make yourself recognize from our staff as gluten intolerant.
The reservation it’s appreciate.


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